International Women's Day: The Unfit Women Fitting Right In

Ever think to yourself, no I can't do that because of blah blah stereotype? Well it's time to ax those thoughts and recognize women are out here breaking molds and making hella moves.

Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany did a whip and naenae into our lives and Hollywood has been shook ever since! Becoming the first Black Woman comedian to host SNL and the MTV Movie and Tv Awards, it's undeniable she will be a force for quite sometime. No Haddish is not mild mannered, she's a lot like that chick you find in your local beauty salon cracking jokes and selling bootleg dvds. 

Trap Yoga Bae


When you think yoga, you think skinny white women who rave about kale at play dates in some boujie New York park. When I discovered Trap Yoga Bae my whole fitness world changed! Forget the stuffy quite stretching of the traditional yogi's. I'm on my mat jiggling one booty check at a time to Blacc Youngsta instead of spa music. 


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