Rihanna and Jhene Aiko Insensitivity Training

In a world ruled by social media, there are little boundaries available to regular everyday people. The line is even more blurred when you reach a certain level of fame. 

Think about it, just 10 years ago our favorite celebs weren't as easily accessible and neither was their personal life. Now that their personal lives have been ruled as everybody's business by the jury of public opinions celebs are taking more low blows. 

Take Jhene Aiko for instance. Earlier this week a gossip blogger wrote a story about Aiko's current boyfriend Big Sean cheating on her. Not only did Jhene quickly put out that fire but she also had a few choice words for gossip bloggers. 

serious question... do these full grown adults who write for / run gossip blogs or have gossip shows... do these people feel proud of themselves? like are they living their dream? do they feel this is their God given purpose? their personal legend? are their parents proud that their children spread rumors for a living? do these people know that the “celebrities” they harass daily are actually living, breathing people with families and children? maybe these people feel their purpose on earth is to entertain at the expense of others? maybe they feel their purpose is to keep people “informed”? if so.... i am hoping they level up at some point and become actual journalist who do actual research on topics worth sharing, information that all humankind can benefit from.... do they just want the clicks or the views so they can make more money in ads? what is the purpose of trying to pry into the personal lives of artists and entertainers? creating completely fabricated stories? its become a whole new form of entertainment, but the problem is the general public ignorantly views this form of entertainment as fact... as “news” when MAJORITY of it is false, ill-informed and ill-intentioned. really most of these “writers”, “bloggers”, and “personalities” are artists themselves and don’t even recognize it. these writers have gifts, indeed. maybe their talents were never nourished? instead of using their imaginations to create art, they create stories to destroy... i am hoping most of them are just using their platform to exercise their wildly imaginative minds... i am hoping they put it to better use one day. i am hoping they realize they would benefit even more from finding their true God given purpose... like maybe putting that creative energy into writing fiction novels, screenplays, tv pilots,songs, speeches for political leaders... idk, something other than gossip maybe? just a thought. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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The Queen of Clap Back, Rihanna, found herself checking Snachat via Instagram as well. This week the social media site posted a snap asking would users rather, punch Chris Brown or slap Rihanna. 



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