Yoni Steaming

You clicked this article because you've heard you've never heard of Yoni and you're curious because surely I can't be talking about THAT, or you wanna know what the hell a yoni is. 

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and, loosely translated, means “sacred space.” Makes the vag sound so fancy, awesome and powerful right? Cause it is!!! 

Now that we have cleared up what we are talking about let's talk about the Yoni Steam. I was first introduced to the idea watching Tia and Tamera's former reality show. They went to a spa for a V-Steam.


Of course I was curious about it but I wasn't ready to squat in my nearest spa for "a vjayjay facial". Further research lead me to Yoni Steaming, which is the same thing but unappropriated. 


It can been done at home. There are several YouTube videos that will show you. There are also several websites that will send you the herbs and all you need to provided is the steaming water and a place to sit for the steam to reach your lower lady parts. 

Of course knowledge is power so you may want to reach out to a pro before you pop a squat. 



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