Is It Selfie Caption Worthy: Janelle Monae 'I Like That'

We're just a week and a few days shy of Janelle Monae's album release date for Dirty Computer (April 27th). Already dropping the female ode PYNK last week, Monae is back this week with another banger called I Like That. 


Rumor has Prince worked with Janelle on most of this album before his untimely passing. I'd like to think rumor had it right because this latest joint definitely sounds Prince assisted.

That's pretty impressive but does it have selfie caption worthy lyrics? That'll be a yes! The hook definitely has some this-is-not-a-thirst-trap, even though it clearly is, swimsuit self caption vibes.

'Cause I’m crazy and I’m sexy and I’m cool

Little rough around the edges but I keep it smooth

I’m always left of center and that’s right where I belong

I’m the random minor note you hear in major songs

Looking for something a little deeper for that gazing in the distance selfie? 

Told the whole world, I’m the venom and the antidote

Take a different type of girl to keep the whole world afloat

Or maybe you got a little outside the box with a outfit and you need a good quote with some sugar and I don't give a f**k spice? 

And I like thatI don’t really give a funk if I was just the only one

Who likes that

I never like to follow, follow all the [?]



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