The Introduction of Sexsercise

You join a gym every year with Beyonce body goals and quit sometime before February. It happens to all of us so don't be ashamed. The key is to find what form of exercise works for you. 

Twice a week I go to Gemini Studioz and do a pole dancing class. I've become so dedicated to sticking trick and getting those spins I'm doing push ups on days I don't pole. I HATE PUSH UPS, I love pole so I do push ups so I can be great. 

Sometimes all you need is a goal and a accountability partner. Maybe you wan to not just look good. You want to feel good and have enough stamina to keep up with your lover.

Allow me to introduce you to the idea of Sexercise. It's exactly what you think but not really what you think at the same time. According to Evoleros (ev·o·leer-os) Studio website they combine Fitness & Yoga. 

Not only do we teach you about different intimate positions that will help spice up your love life but our innovative classes are designed to tone, build, strengthen muscles, promote flexibility, and increase stamina resulting in a more confident, happier and healthier relationship for you and your partner.

Sounds pretty interesting right? Looking to learn a little more here's the website.



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