Several Night Stands Called the New Dating Trend

Summers headed our way and cuffing season is behind us. So you didn't get chose...

According to the New York Post several night stands is a new dating trend. Is it? Hasn't that been a thing? The guy who doesn't want to give what you have a title yet reap all the benefits is an OG in the game of several night stands so let's not classify this as a new thing. It not new just occurring more often. 

Women in large numbers no longer see it necessary to find the man, become the wife, make the babies, and live happily ever after the end. Not that, that idea is bad. We just don't see it as the only option for dating. 

In a conversation with a friend, we discussed the convenience of having that reliable guy partner without a title and the freedom to move it further if all sides agree. You chill, kick it, there's sex if you add that in, a few other forms of intimacy but if you'd rather have Mikes company over Marks then everybody is cool. Let's be real, feelings get involved but if you're like me, a undercover-chronic-short-term-committer, a several night stand may work. 

I'll never refer to these types of situations as perfect or fool proof. They could get ugly so be aware there are cons to this. There's the other side, an adventure to be enjoyed and lessons to learn.


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