Self Care for the Mommy's

I love a good blog-think piece on self care but can I be honest, sometimes they're unrealistic! I mean I want a long, hot, steamy shower where I exfoliate and nobody throws the shower curtain back asking for cheese balls. I want to wear a mud mask without a toddler poking it asking what's that. It's just not going to happen at this stage.

Don't give up hope there is still a way for you to get your self care on, hell it's a necessity. Let's get realistic about what we can manage. It hit me when I happen to earn a free moment to take the day dream hot shower and wash my hair. There are moments here and there like when my toddler is asleep that I can indulge in for myself. I know, you generally use that time to finish whatever: dishes, laundry etc... What would happen if it didn't get done? Would the house explode? Nope. 

While I won't tell you how to unwind because only you know what relaxes you. I'll encourage you to pay closer attention to moments you can steal for yourself and it doesn't have to be a full day. Also ditch the mom guilt and drop the offspring off with family who think they're such a pleasure for an hour or two. Don't overwhelm yourself trying to cram every self care idea into this short window keep it simple and relaxing maybe just have a nap. 

The idea that it has to be a full day is for bloggers and single women. 


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