Why You Should Care Primary Elections are on the Way

We live in a world of picket signs and boycotts. It'd be nice to never need any of these tactics. While this isn't a utopia there is a way to lessen the requirement of the two....VOTING.

I know, politics are so eye roll worthy but unfortunately you can't escape the affect they have on your life. So now I ask in a very Diddy manner, are you registered to vote in the Primary Election? 

There is a deadline for voters registration in your area that is either on the way or has passed.  

Alabama- May 21

Florida- July 30th

Mississippi- May 7th

If you've already missed the deadline it's kind of okay this is the Primaries. In a Primary Election we just narrow the playing filed of who's actually running. Remember the last Presidential Election? Yea, kinda hard to forget...there were dozens of players trying to become president. We narrowed the field in the Primary Election to just Trump and Hilary. The we voted for one of them in the General Election. 

This upcoming election is not about President (nope still got a few years on that one) it's about local officials. Who represents you locally like Judges, Governor etc. is just as important. Think of them as a foundation to the house you're building. Think of the President as the house. 

So yea, it's just as important to vote in this election as it will be when the next Presidential Election rolls around. 

Now it's time to see if you're eligible to vote, if you're registered, if not get yourself registered. Here's a quick link to handle all of that.

Once all of that is handled here's the rest of the puzzle. The ACTUAL Primary Election is:

Alabama and Mississippi- June 5th

Florida- August- 28th

You're not quite done yet. Remember there is still a General Election to put those players in Office which is November 6th no matter where you are. There is, however, a deadline to register to vote for this as well:

Alabama- October 22

Florida- October 9th

Mississippi- October 8th


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