Goodwill is Way More Than a Thrift Store

Who doesn't love a good thrift store dive? Goodwill is listed among most people's favorites. Did you know they're more than a thrift store?

If you'd told me years ago there was a Goodwill preschool or therapy programs I would've questioned how legitimate these claims were. My son is on the Autism Spectrum. In his case, certain social skills normally taken for granted like speech are a bit of a challenge for him. It's not just saying words that gives him trouble but comprehending what is being said takes a little longer than average. 

I've witnessed a complete 180 since he started at the Goodwill Easter Seals preschool in August 2017. They have a staff that has not only worked with him but they've worked with me. I wouldn't know where to start with helping him without the help of their guidance. 

The video below have 3 stories (ours is last). It show cases some of the many services Goodwill offers to our community. So next time you shop Goodwill know you're not just getting a great deal, you're helping a family just like mine.



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