Drake Creates a Degrassi Reunion for New Video [VIDEO]

Drake did not go MIA for long even thought it felt like he did. Once Pusha T dropped Story of Adidon it seemed like our Light skinned champ went into hiding. Slight coincidence the beef was called to an end and our favorite Canadian popped back up? Who cares (I know I don't) he's back and that's what counts.

Pusha-T Says Beef With Drake Is Over
Pusha-T Says Beef With Drake Is Over
In an interview with Vanity Fair about his beef with fellow rapper Drake, Pusha-T said: "To my knowledge, it’s all over. It’s all over with."

Not only is did he return and announce the release date of Scorpion, he brought us nostalgic feels. 


Yesterday Drake dropped visuals for what could be the first single off his album Scorpion, I'm Upset. Lately Wheel Chair Jimmy has been hella extra with the video's like people still watch those things but who's really gonna pass up a Degrassi reunion? Check out the video below.

Oh and just as a heads up the language is uncensored.  



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