Daily Horoscope Quickie's

Gemini- Take the advice of your squad -- start planning your next vacation now.

Cancer-  Hold on help is on the way. A quick mind is working on solving your problem.

Leo- Seasoned lions can learn new tricks! This new trick will give you a financial edge.

Virgo- Your shady enemy reminds you how valuable your good communication skills are. Pop off with class Alpha Woman!

Scorpio- Slow and steady wins the race. Nothing like a good plan to conquer things that challenge you.

Sagittarius- Independence is poppin and so is sir yummy. Men and masculine energy could keep you on 

track today so let him help today.

Capricorn- No stranger to perseverance, you're used to a hard challenge and today won't be easy at all. You got this Alpha Woman keep moving. 

Aquarius- You can't buy it away. Did you hear Soloange? Leave all of those credit cards at home today. Swiper no swiping! 

Aries- Take action before you know all the facts and you'll end up working twice as hard.

Taurus- Your efforts are about to pay off Lil Bo Cheap! All that shopping around is about to pay off with a dope deal 


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