The Carters: Black and Bougie Without Boundary

Ah the weekend, time to relax and chill. Forget all the responsibilities that...wait what!? The Carters have a new album!?! Like Beyonce and JayZ!?! Those Carters!!??

Yonce has been known to drop an album without notice so we stay on notice. Granted she's also known for not doing much of anything in the same fashion more than once. To up the ante this time not only did we get a unannounced album, we got a Carter joint album!

Everything is Love took over every trending topic list on social media and every playlist with Black-Bougie brilliance. With the first single and visuals, Apeshit, in our hands there's no wonder the Carter's made it. The formula of unapologetically-black-and-poppin drips flawlessly off every track. 

Apeshit was shot in the Louvre, a hella exclusive museum you probably need to be part god to access! Of course the museum didn't disagree once they understood the concept of the video. If you haven't seen the Black artsy excellence scroll down and take in the visuals!




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