Horoscope Quickie for June 19

Gemini- Follow the leader is not the business today. They have no idea what's going on.

Cancer- Chill when it comes to the suits today. You and corporate will not mix well today

Leo- It's lit where ever you make the fun --home, work, stuck in traffic

Virgo- Double and triple-check calculations. Count your change; balance your accounts.

Libra- Be careful with that "I don't care attitude"

Scorpio- It's time to Michelle Obama your Petty Betty's. take the high road Alpha Woman

Sagittarius- If you have a bae today things will be hella steamy...if not today is the day to get one!

Capricorn- Be responsible and do your best. Worrying about it won't get you anywhere.

Aquarius- Step your game up. You're seeing patterns where others see chaos.

Pisces- Just wait clarity is on the way. 

Aries- First name whatever your mamma named you last named spontaneous! Enjoy the randomness of it all.

Taurus- Expect a bit of hurry-up-and-wait. Bring a book to read. The time will pass.


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