Horoscope Quickie June 20th

Gemini- Your team is dragging their feet today, time to make some executive decisions.   

Cancer- Puzzles, board games, chess -- all kinds of mental games are the mood today

Leo- Put some effort into learning something new today, big or small

Virgo- You know your purpose here. So walk like you know where you're going

Libra- Somewhere between totally self-centered and completely selfless is a happy medium

Scorpio- Be helpful when needed. Greed is a horrible color on you, you knew that though

Sagittarius- Wherever you go, things improve with your energy 

Capricorn- Your trying not to be extra today when today requires you to be extra. 

Aquarius- Your thoughts are light-years ahead. Speak slowly and clearly when explaining them

Pisces- Today is not the day for ultimatums. 

Aries- Forward motion is the business today! Get moving

Taurus- No big purchases today! SWIPER NO SWIPING!


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