What is "iPad Neck"

We are constantly on our devices, I mean this is the digital age, but is it hurting your posture? In short, yes. “Tablet neck” or “iPad neck” — the stiffness, soreness, or aching pain in the neck suffered by users slumping over their screens — plagued 84.6% of tablet computer users in a new University of Nevada, Las Vegas study, with upper back and shoulder pain suffered by 65.4% of subjects.

The news gets worse ladies. We are two times more likely to suffer from ipad neck than the boys

The good news is the damage can be reversed. Start with how you position the tablet. Use a tablet stand and make sure your back is supported. Also take a break as often as possible. The real world is still happening outside of the digital world so get out and make some memories. If you want to read more on the story the original article appeared on Moneyish.com


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