Is the #MeToo Movement Going Too Far?

Some of the biggest names in the celebrity universe have been caught up in the conversation of #MeToo either as a defender or offender. Very few have stayed neutral. 

When Activist Tarana Burke started the movement in 2006 she intended for the conversation to be a platform for victims to freely speak on the sexual violence they experienced. Originally the platform welcomed Women of Color because there was little to no representation. This conversation has sparked backlash.  “We have had a sustained national dialogue for less than six months, and people are saying it’s too much,” Burke says.

There are some who will say violations are not clearly defined so you never know when you'll be accused of over stepping your boundaries. Nice try, if you find yourself confused about what's too much then it's time to get educated not defensive. In our latest episode of Sister Code, Ajia and I discussed where the line is drawn. 


If you find your self needing more sources try this video. Donald Glover answers a few frequently ask questions that extend beyond the work place. It may clear some things up and help you find other resources to further your knowledge. We can only make this better if we acknowledge when we're wrong and educate ourselves so don't repeat the behavior. 



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