Upside Down Bikini Top Could Be A Summer Trend

Last summer one piece swimsuits dominated the beaches. From cut outs to trending phrases one piece swim wear sold more than two pieces for the first time in decades. 

Once the two piece may it's debut it was considered sexy swimwear until one piece swimsuits got a much needed update. This summer the two piece could be back with a vengeance. The new bikini trend may be lending some help to it's possible resurgence in popularity. 

Women have been flocking to social media pool side and sea side in upside down bikinis. No they're not hitting stores in this fashion. Women are simply tying the halter straps under their breast instead of behind their neck.

This style offers little support for those who prefer underwire to pull things up. It's not bad, not that it's worth trying but it doesn't sound as ridiculous as you may have imagined. 


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