Azealia Banks Accuses WildNOut Cast of Colorism

Azealia Banks is better known for her controversy than her music. All of a sudden she started squashing old beefs and releasing new music. 

The call-out queen was back on her throne over the weekend this time discussing Nick Cannon and the cast of WildNOut. After filming for the up coming season Banks took to her Instagram to detail her experiencing with Cannon and Crew.  

The now deleted post was captioned “tons of pre-planned colorist jokes”. She took to her IG Stories to further explain why you wouldn't see her firing insults back in her episode. Azealia says she was so caught off guard and sad she just wanted to cry. 

Later she would also inform her fans waiting on new music that there would be none for now. 

Of course once Nick Cannon caught wind of her posts he jumped on IG to call the kettle black.


Not to be dismissed Banks replied with her true to character snarky comeback. 



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