R.Kelly Drops 19 minute "I Admit it" Track

Who knew it was possible to side eye Richard Kelly more than he was already being side-eyed. My peripheral vision will forever be compromised after my eyes went straight to the side of my face after hearing "I Admit it". 

Why the song it titled I admit it and not It Deny It is beyond me. He spent more of the track denying allegations, glazing over being married to Aaliyah, and his face in the infamous sex tape. 

“Said I’m abusing these women, what the f— that’s some absurd sh–/ They’re brainwashed, really?/ Kidnapped, really?/ Can’t eat, really?/ Real talk, that sh– sound silly.”

Now he does come clean to sleeping with a married woman and his former wife's best friend. Other than that he spends 19 minutes explaining all those accusations are false. 

Sorry I can't in good concision make that track available to you. Google it if you need to hear that joint. 


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