Teyana Taylor Drops Out of Jeremih's Tour Calling Him a Diva

Teyana Taylor has never been known to mince her words. She recently took to Twitter to inform fans she would no longer be a part of Jeremih's Later That Night tour.  According to the tweets she was being mistreated and refered to him as lazy, sneaky, jealous, a princess, etc.


She elaborated even further on an Instagram Live story, which the Shade Room then reposted. In the video, she describes sound issues and video issues that she attributes to Jeremih’s meddling, says he left water on the stage before her set, and accuses him of making a comment when he took the stage in Boston thanking Taylor for “opening up for me” even though the artists were co-headliners.


With all the accusations flying Jeremih wasn't going to let it go without a response.



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