Weekend Binge Worthy Shows

Some of people spend the weekend catching up on activities they didn't have time for during the week. For the rest of us binge watching on Netflix is just as good as bar hopping.

Fall streaming shows will be available soon but in the mean time try

1. I Am A Killer

If you love a good crime show this is definitely for you. Instead of following detectives trying to solve murders this gets first hand accounts from the killers themselves and most are willing to give ALL the details. I'd like to note these guys are mostly on death row but that only adds to the intensity of the show. 


2. Seven Seconds

Yes, it's another crime show but it's a fictitious drama. The to episode show stars Regina King a mother seeking justice after her sons  hit and run that involves a Jersey City cop. It's pretty heavy and manages to cover race, drugs and sexuality in 10 episodes. Don't marry the show because it won't be back for another season. 


You could always catch up on the classic Orange is the New Black 

Not much has changed yet everything has changed. If I'm being honest I watched it more because of brand loyalty not so much it has remained a show worth watching. 



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