Bruno Mars Could Play Prince in Bio Pic

There have been several attempts at Whitney Houston bio pics, a few for Michael Jackson but even less for Prince. To date, with the exception of Purple Rain, his purple majesty has not received a bio pic. That could be changing soon.  

Rumor has it Bruno Mars has been tapped to play Prince in a upcoming movie. The Daily Mirror says Mars has been approached by Netflix about the role. According to a source, "Bruno says it will probably be the most nerve-racking move of his career if it happens."

The source continued “Prince was one of his idols, so to be asked to take on a hefty role like that especially as a debut acting move is full-on. The offer has come out of the blue. Bruno used to love acting when he was younger but it’s not an avenue he’s explored.”

One look at his 2017 "Let's Go Crazy" performance and it's no question why he's a good choice. 



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