Nappily Ever After Is A No For Me

Like most Black Women I was excited about the Netflix movie Nappily Ever After starring Sanaa Lathan. With all the talk about Hollywood becoming more inclusive and more women with different hair texture starting to show up on screen I just knew this film would be perfect. That could be where i went wrong, expecting....

Maybe I set my hopes too high but 20 minutes in this felt like a bad misogynistic joke that just wouldn't end. Granted, we have all struggled with beauty and tried to sleep pretty to preserve a hair style and yes avoided water because we knew what it would do to our hair but come on! Waking up before her partner to fix her hair!? That's a reach!

Among those issues the character Violet felt more like a bad impersonation of a Black Woman. I'm not saying the struggles depicted don't happen, I'm saying they were hella embellished. It's like getting a caricature picture done in the park. You look like the picture but some features are enhanced for comical reasons. 

After doing a bit of research I discovered the movie is an adaption of the book Nappily Ever After. One of the lead writers a white man and the other I couldn't pin point because there isn't much on the internet about her..possibly him. The name Cee is vague so it could belong to anybody. 

I never finished the film and maybe it redeems itself by the end. I'm not investing more time to find out, it's a no for me. 


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