Apple's New Screentime Feature a Great Form of Self-Care

When uncomfortable, bored, or plainly out of habit; we consistently spend our day reaching for our phones. Either to post or scroll on social media. Text or make a phone call. A major part of our day involves our phones. 

Over the weekend I finally updated to iOS 12 because I wanted to use the Memoji and Animoji features that come with the update. I had no idea the Screentime feature existed. When I went into my settings and saw it of course I explored it and it told a horrible truth. I spent waaaay too much time on my phone. 

I was extremely busy yet somehow I found 6hrs to spend on Instagram, I'm sure a majority of it mindlessly scrolling and only occasionally sharing a meme or two. 2hrs texting and not a single phone call. Not to mention the other apps I opened to total 8hrs of a 24hr day with my phone to my face. Yikes, no wonder my battery is always dead. 

Here's the silver lining, I can set app limits. I allotted only 3hrs a day to social media, I understand that's a small decrease but it is a decrease that will only get bigger as I rely on it less. My apps lock and can't be accessed at a certain time every night until a certain time every morning. 

It was tough day one because I wanted to pick up my phone every other second but I was forced to replace it with a different task. By day two is wasn't much easier but I loathed it less and was able to focus more. Funny how suddenly I had time to get stuff done I'd been procrastinating starting/finishing. I also had time to actually sit and just watch a movie with no distraction. All my work was done since I'd had time not to mention since I wasn't scrolling IG I actually saw the full movie.  

I'll keep using the Screen Time features because just like learning to balance my bank account, I do less careless spending when I see where I'm being wasteful. 


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