New Podcast for October and Beyond

Podcast are becoming popular pretty quickly. Whatever your preference you can find a podcast on the iHeart Radio app to fit. 

Since October has it's very own lure for the ghost and ghouls you may find ta podcast about dark folklore interesting.  Aaron Mahnke finds the most interesting folklore in history and weekly delivers the historical truth surrounding it. 

Aaron Mahnke also has a new podcast called Obscured covering the Salem Witch Trials. Did you know they actually started with a slave, Tituba?  

Maybe you's prefer a little light? Something inspiring. Coming October 10th GRRRRRRRREAT Morning Pals from Ayla Goodson will premiere on the iHeart Radio App. The podcast are short and sweet, five minutes or less. An easy listen before you roll out of bed. 

Just looking to be entertained and be a fly on the wall of two best friends? Try Sister Code with AjiaZ and me! Talking shit about Hip Hop culture and worldly happenings


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