How High 2 Reportedly Won't Star Method Man and Red Man

We've waited over a decade for a sequel to How High. Even if you're not a stoner the music is a cult classic. Rumor has it How High 2 didn't cast it's original stars Method Man and Redman. 

Part of the allure of the film was the rapper duo so is it possible to cast a pair that can fill the shoes of Method Man and Redman? 

According to TMZ's sources, the rappers won’t be reviving their roles as Silas and Jamal, despite discussing the sequel as recently as last year. TMZ reports this new iteration is going to be extremely different from the 2001 original, which could contribute to their absence.

Now the question is who will be cast? The answer is, Lil Yatchy and DC Young Fly. Sources also quote Redman saying he had already written the How High sequel so this could all just be hot air and smoke. Although, have you ever seen smoke where there isn't fire.


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