According to Science Your Diet Could Change Your Mental Health

Ever find yourself stressed and craving chocolate? After a short google session you'll find all kinds of articles about stress contributing to yeast growth causing you to crave sugar. So my mood and food have a correlation? Could I change my mood and stress level if I changed my diet?

According to science absolutely. Think about it, your brain runs 24/7. Something has to fuel it. There's a long list of what can fuel the brain and sleep is at the tippy top. Here's the kicker, the foods you eat can actually ruin a good nights sleep. Yep everything comes back to your meal choice. This isn't a new concept. In 1984 John Harvey Kellogg created Corn Flakes to keep people from masturbating. 

Who knows if the iconic cereal kept people from touching themselves but the concept was on to something. Our bodies require certain vitamins and minerals to function properly. When we lack those minerals our bodies tell us. Think about it, you've self diagnosed yourself with insomnia and decided to start taking melatonin. It's a chemical your body naturally produces and let's say once you take it you sleep better. There are foods that can help you produce the chemical and you may be lacking it in your daily diet.

A quick search of Pintrest and you can find a dietary cure for anything you think you lack. While this is helpful you may still want to consult a nutritionist. 

The point is less processed and food rich in all the vitamins and minerals can help with your mental health. When you're putting in the work to make sure your body has what it requires then you've also taken care of your brain. It's two birds one stone.

I'm not saying Popeye's is a no go for the rest of your existence. I'm saying you need more spinach in your life more often than a spicy 3 piece with dirty rice and sweet tea. 


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