Scientist Prove Pregnancy is Contagious

You can catch a cold but who new you could catch pregnancy. Yeah, you read that right pregnancy is contagious!

Scientist conducted a study, published by The American Sociological Association journal, lasted over a 10-year span (from 1990s to the 2000s). Researchers analyzed the data of 1,720 women and discovered that more than half of women had a child by the end of the experiment. 

Now of course this isn't a physical something you can actually catch, it was a mental thing, Most of them saw friends or a family member manage her child it gives you confidence about your child-caring capabilities. Seeing your friends stepping into motherhood gives you a feeling of having been "left behind," so you may start trying to keep yourself "up-to-date" by becoming a mom, too

 The mind is still a science so basically scientist proved you can catch pregnacy. So if you're looking to stay childless stay away from your friends with kids. 


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