Horoscope Quickies December 6

Last day of Mercury in retrograde! The Moon is in Sagittarius. Now what does that mean for you over the next two day? 

A joyful and peaceful emotional nature. You're pretty impulsive and wondering if the grass is greener, well actually going to find out if it's greener. You'll feel connected to your beliefs in a protective way. Optimism is high these next two days, the mark of a true Sagittarius!

The sun is also in Sag so let's continue the season!

Sagittarius- You have that sparkle in your eyes. Smile and say hi -- make their day. 

Capricorn- Beware of quibbles about inconsequential issues. Cut to the chase.

Aquarius- Combine socializing with some mental stimulation -- maybe a lecture with a friend?

Pisces- Logic is your friend. For best results react with your head, not your heart.

Aries- See through to the kernel of the situation, and change your strategy accordingly.

Taurus- Neither a borrower nor a lender be -- at least not right now. Stay unattached.

Gemini-  It's all talk, no action at the moment. Demand more than lip service.

Cancer- Do three brand-new things today. Walk a new route, try a foreign cuisine, whatever.

Leo- Your creativity gets you noticed, so communicate in a nontraditional manner.

Virgo- Things are changing rapidly. Exercise your amazing ability to go with the flow.

Libra- Do something crazy to break the tension. You'll be the hero of the day.

Scropio- Don't sign on that dotted line or move that money around. Now's just not the time.


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