Horoscope Quickies January 9

The Moon is in Pisces! A Pisces Moon may have you in your feelings but the best part is how reflective and idealistic you'll be. Here's a warning, be careful not to take on other peoples emotions, Pisces are known for being a sponge. 

Other than that we continue with Capricorn season and the Sun in Cap!

Capricorn- Look before you leap, or you could end up in some mighty hot water.

Aquarius- Keep your mind on your money, or it'll get away faster from you than you'd like.

Pisces- Launch that big project you've had under your hat for a while. Now is the time.

Aries- Take care of all the details, and the big picture will take care of itself.

Taurus- There's no friend like an old friend. If you can do a pal a favor, don't hesitate.

Gemini- Moving too quickly might not be as productive as you think. Slow it down.

Cancer- That little voice in your head might be more anxiety than anything else.

Leo- Sometimes what seems like the problem is really just a symptom. Go deep.

Virgo-  Hurry up and get with it, or something fantastic may just pass you by.

Libra- Your ability to connect is better than an extension cord. Reach out to everyone.

Scorpio- Make beautiful music together even if you're out of practice. Tune up.

Sagittarius- Get a grip or you may slide farther than you would want. Hang tight. 

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