Horoscope Quickies January 10

The Moon still doing it's thing in Pisces and the Sun is still a Capricorn resident. It's Capricorn Season....

Capricorn- Use a carrot (not a stick!) to get your way today. Help others help yourself.

Aquarius- Today is a great day for a date, or any other kind of super-fun, one-on-one time.

Pisces- Ready for some deep thought? Seek out like-minded people for tag-team introspection.

Aries- You're moving so fast, nobody can keep up. Don't look back; just speed on ahead.

Taurus- Give in to introversion. Your time is best spent in your head right now.

Gemini- Speak up! People watching out for you can't help if they don't know what you want.

Cancer- Don't be surprised if you're surrounded by admirers today. Your charms are magnetic.

Leo- Variety isn't just the spice of life; it's the key to learning new lessons.

Virgo- Choose a path and stick with it. You'll make positive progress on the road ahead.

Libra- Don't start anything today; arguments or new projects. Focus on making nice.

Scorpio- Embrace laziness. Find time to goof off today; get others in on the fun too.

Sagittarius- Feeling overwhelmed? Don't. You have the energy and ideas to tackle anything.


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