Horoscope Quickies January 11

The Moon remains in Pisces until tomorrow, that's when we get a Aries Moon! In the meantime, we have a Capricorn Sun and Capricorn Season. 

Capricorn- Get things started early; you won't be your usual energetic self later today.

Aquarius- Others are craving your attention today; make sure you give them plenty of it.

Pisces- Open up to someone else and expect them to return the favor. You could learn a lot.

Aries- Don't count on clear communication today; do count on solving problems.

Taurus- It's not easy, but you'll have more luck solving problems if you just give in.

Gemini- All the love coming your way might leave you feeling moody by the end of the day.

Cancer- Others are clamoring to be near you; what you do with that attention is up to you.

Leo-  A change of routine could lead you to big-picture chin-scratching. Pursue novelty.

Virgo- Out with the old and in with the new. Striking a balance could require a big change.

Libra- You might have too many ideas for your own good. Slow down and let others catch up.

Scorpio- Ready to spice things up? All eyes are on you to come up with something unexpected.

Sagittarius- Don't worry about follow through today; use your energy to get things started.

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