Netflix's Someone Great Delivers All the Feels

Ever watch a movie that's so good you recommend it to anybody! When I say anybody I mean you'll turn to a random stranger in Target and say hey have you seen such and such. That kinda it's-a-good-movie.

Netflix has a new movie starring LaKeith Stanfield (FX Atlanta) that is such a great movie I can't help but share. It holds all the dynamics of a good girls night joint. The romance, the home girls, and the tissue worthy moments.

Here's the break down....Aspiring music journalist Jenny (Gina Rodriguez Aspiring music journalist Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) lands her dream job but unfortunately looses her dream bae. Now her and her two best friends decide is time for a girls night to celebrate Jenny's win and nurse her broken heart. Yo, the things unpacked in a hour and a half will leave you with some feels. Be forewarned you'll get closer and revelations but this ain't no happily ever after joint. Watch the trailer and thank me later!

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