Snoop Dogg Misses Tupac In Throwback Instagram Photo

It's been just over 24 years since Tupac Shakur passed away on September 13, 1996 after being shot in Las Vegas. And his friend and collaborator, Snoop Dogg, is still thinking of the late rapper to this day.

Snoop recently remembered Tupac just a few weeks after the 24th anniversary of his death by sharing a throwback photo of Tupac dressed in a formal tux on Instagram, which he captioned, "Miss you. Cuz."

Over the last few weeks, the rapper has shared a few different throwback Tupac photos from 1996. In one picture, he and Tupac are in a convertible with the latter in the driver's seat, and in another, Tupac is driving in Los Angeles. And in another photo, captioned "Gz," Snoop and Tupac are dressed up in suits for the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards.

Snoop Dogg recently reflected on the aftermath of Tupac's death during an interview with Fatman Scoop on Instagram Live. In fact, Snoop recalled a story about going to see Notorious B.I.G. after Tupac's passing. He remembered, "[Lil] Cease takes me upstairs, Biggie is upstairs in a walker, like what the old people walk around in. He got the little walker sitting at the edge of the bed. And when I walk in the room, we started talking. And then he looked me in my eyes. He said something that ... he's sad that Tupac is dead, but I can look in his eyes and I could see that he hurt. He didn’t even have to say it. I could see that he hurt behind 2Pac being dead."

He added, "This is not a man that’s happy or glamorized. This is his friend that’s dead. They had a misunderstanding and he could never get justice for his emotions. He’s showing me his emotions. He explained to me how much he loved 2Pac."

Photo: Getty Images