Doe Boy Thanks Ja Rule & Jennifer Lopez For Clearing His New Song's Sample

Ja Rule, Doe Boy & Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Getty Images

Doe Boy is expressing his gratitude to Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule for finally allowing him to release his long-awaited single.

On Monday, June 5, the Freebandz artist took to social media to formally thank J. Lo and R.U.L.E. for clearing the sample for his new song "Way I Walk." The song's instrumental contains a loop of the 2001 smash "I'm Real" (Murder Remix). Doe Boy also takes on Ja's flow in the chorus of his record. In his posts on Instagram and Twitter, the Cleveland native saluted both artists for clearing the song after months of "begging."

“Thank you J.Lo, I appreciate it. I been begging yo ass for a year, we finally made it happen,” he said in his recent Instagram Story post. "Oh yeah, shout out Ja Rule, he came through clutch for a n***a. That was gangsta. I respect it.”

Doe Boy has been campaigning for Lopez to clear the record for at least a year. Last July, the 29-year-old posted a video in which he pleaded to J. Lo to approve the sample so that he could drop his summer banger.

“J. Lo, can you please clear my song? I need you to clear my song," Doe Boy said. "Please, I’ll give you whatever. The streets wanna hear that. This how much I love you. I’ve been loving you since I was a kid. Not in that kind of way because I respect Ben Affleck. I love Batman, too. I’m saying please and I don’t say please. You could ask anybody."

"Way I Walk" is set to appear on Doe Boy's upcoming album BEEZY which drops on Friday. Check out his new single below.


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