Lessons by Kara

If you missed last nights episode of BET's Being Mary Jane well you missed a valuable lesson! Kara is the ultimate BFF. Mary Jane often needs her saucy sidekick to keep her on track and realistic but oh last night! 


Kara has stepped into cougar formation with this seasons baseball bae. Now with a younger man comes younger man problems and for Kara this problem was well....performance related  

Women are not afraid to admit we sometimes fake it just to save our lovers feelings but that leaves us with the short end of the stick (out of the gutter stay with me). Until I watched Kara eloquently state to baby boy his performance was not up to par it never occurred to me not to fake it! 

I know I've expressed my discontent to partners before but like so many of my girls it was in the heat of battle and Queen petty was pulling out all the low blows. I mean I knew the conversation was necessary in fact if you can't see yourself sticking up for your wants and needs then maybe you should 1. reconsider your partner or 2. rethink your level of maturity when it comes to sex. I knew you could have a honest, healthy conversation with your partner about the get down just wasn't sure how one could word it without a fight. With Kara she made her point clear, this is what you are doing wrong, this is what you're doing right, and here's what I'd like you to do...GENIUS! 


If you missed the scene check out the clip with a click of the pic



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