Because of the Internet Flavor of Love

Lets go back 10+ years to 2006 when all was wonderful and ratchet on VH1. You had The Bachelor for the suburbs annnnd there was Flavor of Love for the rest of us! For whatever reason VH1 did it I'm loving there is a Flavor of Love marathon happening! Dear Trey Songz this is how you do a dating show   

Shall we walk down memory lane in ratchet bliss and relive the greatest of the shows contestants?

10. Thing 2 - Other than getting let go, brought back, winning, then dumped when Flav decided he'd rather marry Billie Jean the mother of his child; Thing 2 is as forgettable as her twin Thing 1

9. Hottie- She microwaved a chicken enough said


9. Buckwild- Forgettable but you're still shocked Becky made it as far as she did and that's how you remember her


Saaphyia- She never got a name, a clock, or a chance yet who can forget this girl and the fight she had 5 minutes in! Now that she's selling lip balm she calls Lip Chap home girl may never be homeless again


6. Deelishs- She won season 2 but VH1 likes their ratings and coin so of course the "win" didn't last. Now she travels the country doing Vagina Monologues and selling jeans.

6. Buckey 5.Bootz- You remember Buckey because eventually you saw her on Love and Hip Hop ATL.  Bootz made it to VH1's Charm School and got into a cussing match with host Mo'nique. Other than that you kinda forget these besties in the shuffle

Hoopz- She won season one, dated Shaq, and got her own show...somewhere...might be on tv now   

Pumpkin- at the top of the list because of New York. Nobody will forget the spit felt 'round the world. In fact it was probably the first time we all unanimously decided we were here for New York. then you had the multiple fights so yea, we remember Pumpkin because of New York


Which leads to #1. New York! Rejected 2 seasons straight. She had her own spin off I Love New York, her mother is just as psychotic, and her shade is historic! She makes Tamar Braxton look tame and calm! How could we forget the monumental melt down when Flav sent her home!?



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