Adventures in Potty Training

This weekend I started potty training my two year old. This was a big deal because well I wasn't sure if he could potty train since he doesn't talk. My son has a speech delay so I figured that wold hinder the process, well thank God for good friends! My friend Ajia made a valid point, if he could non-verbally communicate what he wanted then he was ready to tell me in his way he needed a bathroom break.

The first thing I did was hop on Pintrest and read every pin that fit my kids situation then enlisted the help of a cousin who had a son around the same age as mine and coworkers who'd been there done that.

What I found out very quickly was potty training in one weekend is a ridiculous idea! Not saying it's impossible but don't bet your bottom dollar honey. Some suggest letting the child go bottomless, yes no pants no diaper just au naturel, I was not here for it! I also got advice that it's a good idea to cancel all plans and stay in the house, NEGATIVE!

I decided if I was going to do this I'd do this OUR way. I say our because you are just as involved in the process as your child. We started slow, if he can get the concept we'll move to the next step. Slow and steady wins the race.

I started regular potty chair and an iPad to keep him put  

He was a little tall (the kid is 3feet tall and I'm not bluffing) for the chair so we went and picked out new reinforcements. Cheap "pull ups", a Paw Patrol seat he proudly picked out which made a huge difference because he was excited to use it, fruit snacks for treats, and since I would be spending at least 15 mins every 45 mins in a bathroom I now had time to listen to Adele 25

By the end of day two he had the concept not the actual act. We had tons of accidents and two wins but again he's learning. I mean have you broken any habits in 2 days no slip ups? Same thing! We're off to a good start so let's see what happens.



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