Because of the Internet: Daylight Savings

Day two of the spring forward and Monday just got harder! One of the biggest trending complaints topics is the time change. Today is National Nap Day because of Daylight Savings and our inability to function when we lose our hour of sleep. There's a good chance you'll have no time to celebrate Nap Day because you're adulting so you'll probably experience at leats one of theses at work:

1.  It seems like your day goes slower.  

2.  Being tired makes you feel less motivated. 

3.  It makes you less productive.

4.  You have a harder time remembering stuff.

5  It takes longer to complete certain tasks.

6.  You get irritated by your coworkers more easily.

7.  You make more mistakes. 

8.  It makes you resent your job more.

Did I mention the non job related side effects?

1.  You're more likely to have a heart attack.  A recent study found there are 25% more heart attacks today than an average Monday.  And there are also more car crashes.


2.  It's the worst day of the year to be sentenced for a crime.  A study came out last year that found judges impose harsher sentences right after Daylight Savings.  Possibly because they're in a bad mood, or just tired from not getting enough sleep.


3.  You're less likely to get robbed.  Which is the only POSITIVE side effect on the list.  A study in 2015 found there are 7% fewer robberies the day after Daylight Savings.

 So while some State Governments are working to #LocktheClock and just pick a time frame I could careless because I still won't get enough sleep



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