Dear Isaiah Washington, Weaves are for Convenience Not Insecurities.

Let me start this by saying it's not a super left field idea that some women invest in weaves because they don't like the hair growing out of their scalp. But to be frank, that number is so small you can pretty much kill the insecure myth. 

With afro's and braids taking center stage in the black beauty hair scene, I almost wonder will bundles become extinct. Sure, they're a wonderful protective style but I'm starting to see more brands cater to natural hair. 

In comes  Isaiah Washington. Like a typical man who has yet to catch up on beauty standards in the wonderful world of woman, he made this statement...


Now he started off in a really good direction but in true Isaiah arrogant fashion, there was an undertone. What exactly are you asking "is it worth it emotionally". You think we spend the day defending and explaining? Nope, only when people like you back us into a corner. Other than that we spend the day slaying so thanks for your "concern". 

To quote Vanessa Simmions from an interview with ESSENCE,"if a woman wears a weave it does not mean she doesn't love herself. It's just our way of expressing ourselves. And I feel like people need to understand that we aren't running from who we are or think that we're another race."

This is the most common idea, we want to run from our kinky hair and embrace the European beauty standard of straight hair. Have you asked us if we wear it because combing hair every morning is time-consuming? I mean I enjoyed being able to take off my bonnet and go. In fact, I got locs for the same convenient shake and go style.

To further remove the policing of black women and bundles I'll leave you with these tweets



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