What About Your Friends: A Guide to Realistic Friendship

So often we think of friendship as a beneficial space. What can the person I call friend give me? Well the better question is what can I give them? That may not seem like the space to start in but stay with me! Every relationship requires give and take. The things you give should be given back to you, if they aren't reciprocated it's probably time to communicate expectations. That didn't work? Well that's ok, I'm out homie!

Now lets be clear, in a world where we think we're doing friendship is best with little to no humans in our circle we may have it wrong. I have about four really good friends but I had to learn to put them in categories. One person cannot be your everything. That's a helluva task for a human.

I have to friends I talk business with. Both of these ladies are bosses so they can relate to all of my business stress and victories. We root for each other and bounce ideas of growth off each other. Do I share personal information with them that may not necessarily be business? Well of course! Even non-romantic relationships require a certain level of intimacy. Our relationship is majority about building CEO life but we still mentally, spiritually, and emotionally converse. I know these ladies are trustworthy so I intentionally invest in our relationship so they remain in my life. If I ever want to take the coveted girls trip they will be contacted first!

squad goals GIF by Girls Trip

My two Pisces friends both get more of my emotional energy. I never really communicate my business ventures to them but that's because they aren't those kinda friends. Just yesterday I spoke with one about a very personal situation I hadn't really spoken to anybody about. Because of it's emotional depth I needed a safe space to be vulnerable and this was a friend that fit that description. While he did respect my heart he also didn't beat around the bush about the truth I needed.

That brings me to my last friend. He is hilarious! I call him for a good laugh and a good shit talk session! Now I can talk business with him and I do but I mostly call him for a good laugh. Each of my friends speak to a different need. While what they provide may over lap I also respect what their actual role is in my life. You can have more than a small circle but make sure you allow them to take sup space in that circle in a way that complementary.



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