Horoscope Quickies Sept 24 Libra Sun/Shadows of Mercury Retrograde

Mars is still retrograde in it's hot headed home sign of Aries , the added bonus for today are the shadows of retrograde. Don't let determination cloud your intuition. It'll never be a good idea to lead with a inflated ego.

Libra- You could use a self esteem boost. Recite some affirmations in the mirror

Scorpio- given the state of affairs be mindful of your attitude

Sagittarius- you're a good communicator but lighter topics will serve you today

Capricorn- sometimes you need to act like a big kid, in a good way, to fight the chaos

Aquarius- Watch your temper. Don't take anything personal because it's most likely not about you anyway

Pisces-the theme of balance continues. You take the good you take the bad....

Aries- It's ok to give your friends space in their new romantic relationship

Taurus-If you really want to be inspired work with a group and feed off their energy

Gemini- Keep calm and you'll see all your options, lose your cool and you'll create problems

Cancer- You wanna have a little fun but it's time for business. Fun comes after you close the deal

Leo- don't get stuck in the system. Know how to function outside the rules

Virgo-home is the best place to be today