Horoscope Quickies September 25 Libra Sun

Spend the weekend doing something you actually care about instead of pressuring your self to achieve. Every goal knocked out has more quality when done rested.

Libra- A misunderstanding today will teach you a lesson about being tolerant

Scorpio- Group work is cool but you can handle this project alone

Sagittarius- when it comes to romance don't be so analytical

Capricorn- Today you chill. Do the bare minimum

Aquarius- If you're bored by the company your keeping just go home

Pisces- You're starting to feel the connection so don't stop now

Aries- When you feel yourself losing your patients with someone take a break

Taurus-Playing down your recent achievement may be the best course of action.

Cancer-connect with your tribe today for a good conversation that'll boost your energy

Leo- Sit down with your boss and come up with a plan to build your career

Virgo- People are allowed to have ideas you don't like