Horoscope Quickies Libra Sun and Pisces Moon

Mercury is entering Scorpio and currently casting shadows of it's coming retrograde. The Moon is stationed in Pisces. This combination is giving us a chance to live our truth without boundaries and delivering its the same.


Scorpio- part of you is ready to take a risk the other part is afraid, which one will you allow to lead

Sagittarius- if you want your friends to communicate in a more meaningful way create a safe space

Capricorn- you need space from a friend and there is a way to tell them without being a jerk

Aquarius- conflict isn't always bad, sometimes they lead to our best romances

Pisces- Todays task are generally autopilot

Aries- sometimes clear communication isn't politically correct

Taurus- Don't overthink feelings. Follow your instincts

Gemini- Get into a conversation with a intellectual heavyweight today, it'll be entertaining.

Cancer- career wise it's time to break out of your shell so toot your own horn

Leo-You friends are ready to help, asking for help is the real strength

Virgo- watch your mouth and your style of communication