Horoscope Quickes Libra Sun/Mars Squares Saturn

Keeping your temper in check maybe a little tough because you feel limited to what you can actually do. Mars, the planet of aggression and Saturn, the planet of rules and boundaries are squaring up for a major affect. Check your ego and you'll survive.

Libra- They were flirting, it's ok you didn't realize it, go get them!

Scorpio- The right answer is obvious. Some things really are black and white

Sagittarius- try to stick with your routine to keep down on stress

Capricorn- You're closer to your goals but you're not there yet, don't celebrate until you get there

Aquarius- don't let your emotions get in the way of the things you need to get done

Pisces- today it's important to dress for the job you want

Aries- there are some family obligations that are causing you some stress, it's time to work through that

Taurus- Your life is your own, you don't owe anybody a glimpse into your business

Gemini- you'll make things harder than they are today

Cancer- if you're accused of being too emotional today don't take it personal

Leo- the standards you're setting for yourself are unrealistic, settle down

Virgo- It's important to communicate your availability and not assume people know your schedule