What is the Point of Presidential Debates

Last night the first Presidential Debate of the 2020 Election took place, it's all anybody can talk about. While past debates would center around answers on policy this one kept the spirit of 2020 by being a complete train wreck.

The basic layout is the moderator poses a question to one of the debaters. This person now has two minutes to answer that question. If their opponent wants a rebuttal they have 1 minute to do so. As we saw last night Love and Hip Hop reunions stand a better chance of following these rules. The scary part is this isn't for entertainment this is about the existence of real people and their everyday lives.

So the question is do these debates decide the election? Some political scientist would argue they don't. The fact is most people have decided who they are supporting before these debates start and there's very little swaying that can be done. Debates generally are meant to draw in the undecided voter.



The fact of the matter is last nights debate may have left the supposed undecided more convinced than ever electing a President is an archaic idea we should do away with. While an extreme idea it's birth out of the fact neither candidate could articulate anything in the interest of, well, ANYTHING!

The grand finale, why do we have debates and what are their point? The point is to give us our first look at the candidate we aren't as familiar and their policies. You may think we don't really need that because a quick Google search will tell us but remember there is a lot of misinformation and debates are a chance to defend or denounce.