Horoscope Quickies Oct 1 Libra Sun/Aries Full Moon

A full moon on the first day of October in the first sign of the zodiac! What a special and intentional Full Moon!!It's time to break free of whatever is holding up back, manifest what you really want out of this life!

Libra- remember who you are in partnership, be it romantic, friends or family relationship define who you are

Scorpio- It's time to heal. Dive deep, what still needs work, no matter how dark it is you are protected and supported

Sagittarius-You are flooded with gratitude and inspiration. This is the best time to create your vision

Capricorn- This is your opportunity to reconnect to the sources you've been treating as a resource. The I Am

Aquarius- The fire is ignited under this Full Moon. You are visualizing your next move and all the steps it'll take, write it down

Pisces- This moon is all about self-love for you. Could you love on yourself a little more, of course!

Aries- The universe has boldly spoken, this is who you are and nothing else matters, this is your purpose and nothing else is to be done

Taurus- It's time to come home to purpose and love. The healing this full moon will start is the spark you needed

Gemini- Dream on and dream big! Speak into the universe exactly what you want and she'll answer with prosperity!

Cancer- It's time to be a leader. No more playing in the background, no more following, get out in front of the pack

Leo- It's time to answer why you are here. What do you believe? Who are you? Don't worry the energy of the full moon will support you in your answering

Virgo- You will only see what you choose to see.It's time to really see yourself as you are not who you've been told or influenced to be.