Weekend Horoscopes January 8-10

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Capricorn- pay attention to your dreams and visions

Aquarius- Today things look good on the professional front so you feel good linking with friends and relaxing

Pisces- you'll find yourself focused on work this weekend but you'll enjoy it

Aries- today you may wanna have some alone time but the remainder of the weekend is all about adventure

Taurus- this weekend is shaping up to be very romantic

Gemini- this week may have been trying. That makes the weekend perfect for self care and self loving

Cancer- creativity is heavy with you today. This weekend assess your routine and make sure it serves you

Leo- today feels like the perfect day to make your house feel like home. This weekend you may be inspired to create

Virgo- today you may be inspired to sign up for a class or finish a project. This weekend you're feeling domestic cooking and cleaning

Libra- you may be thinking about your budget and how to better spend your money today. This weekend you're care free

Scorpio- trust your intuition. This weekend may be a vulnerable one and someone could pull the wool over your eyes

Sagittarius- keep a diary of your dreams this weekend. They hold valuable insight.