Horoscopes Quickies January 13 Sun in Capricorn New Moon in Capricorn

During a New Moon you plant intentions for the month to come. Tonight's New Moon squares with the transformation planet Pluto. Get ready to make some big changes. If you'd liker a full 2021 astro run down check out this weeks Astrology & Chill on iHeart and Spotify

Capricorn- you're making improvements, keep going

Aquarius- let the fun around you give you a break from the heaviness

Pisces- you're really attracted to words today. That's not weird, lean in

Aries- being different from someone doesn't mean you're not compatible

Taurus- pushing yourself feels good but remember there is no rush

Gemini- be sure you're making these moves for the right reasons

Cancer- you're in the mood to entertain and take care of people you love

Leo- being stubborn is not the same as being right. Look at the situation again

Virgo- express your idea to someone you trust

Libra- its time to add new people to your life

Scorpio- when dealing with someone who doesn't care about people's feelings, move out the way. You can't change them

Sagittarius- there are people in your life that need a compromise from you today