Horoscope Quickies January 19 Sun in Capricorn

Aquarius- today is not a good day to travel. Stay close to home

Pisces- Look in the mirror and remind yourself how special you are

Aries- use your thick skin to conquer the criticism of today

Taurus- people who appeal to your analytical side appeal to you more

Gemini- get out of your head and rest for a little

Cancer- just because you have extra money doesn't mean you should spend it

Leo- find a way to explore a new culture

Virgo- give your homies with a new bae some space.

Libra- get off the defense. It's you not them

Scorpio- before you panic take a deep breath and reproach

Sagittarius- make your deadline a priority.

Capricorn- don't get stuck in the system. Free yourself of the rules.